Custom Commercial Awnings in Lake County, IL

Heritage Signs Ltd.offers some of the best high-quality custom commercial awnings in Lake County, IL, and surrounding areas. 

Custom-made awnings give your business a truly impressive image. Stand out from the crowd with an inviting, professional treatment to your storefront or restaurant with our specially designed awnings and complementary signage. 

Bring life to your building at night by adding back lighting to your awning. Not only are they an extremely effective signage option, but illuminated storefront awnings also provide security 24 hours a day. Your storefront is bright whenever it's dark, helping your customers find their way at night and discouraging thieves after you close. 

Downward facing lighting to the sidewalk or exterior of your building can be achieved by adding fixtures. 

Store awnings come in a number of styles and sizes and selecting the correct one can be a bit overwhelming. We'd be happy to help you select the perfect awning type for the exterior of your building.  

Contact the team at Heritage Signs Ltd. today for information on our custom commercial awnings in Lake County, IL.

Popular Awning Types

  • Concave Awning
  • Casement Awning
  • Convex Awning
  • Dome Awning
  • Backlit With Pop-up
  • Backlit with Dormer
  • Canopy With Hip Ends
  • Gabled Entrance Canopy
  • Rounded Entrance Canopy

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